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Interview with Dean Rickles
In 2013, historian Dean Rickles interviewed Finkelstein in his home. The interview amounts to a scientific biography. Finkelstein lays out his influences, his scientific development, and how he understands the historical context of his work.
Audio (2:26:31)

Why is the Quantum so Mysterious?
This video interview, conducted by Rober Lawrence Kuhn, is part of a series, "Closer to Truth: The Greatest Thinkiers Exploring the Deepest Questions."
Video: Part 1 (8:23)
Video: Part 2 (7:05)

Nature as Quantum Brain
Finkelstein delivered this lecture as part of a workshop, “Information and interaction: Eddington, Wheeler, and the limits of knowledge” on March 24th, 2015 at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK.
Video (51:16)