Bold Ideas in Physics

Einstein's Cosmos and the Quantum:

Origin of Space, Time and Large Scale Structure of the Universe

Abhay Ashtekar

November 14, 2017, Georgia Institute of Technology
6-7 pm, Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, Room 152

For more information and a link to stream a video of the lecture, click here.

For over two millennia civilizations have pondered over the questions of Cosmogenesis. But serious attempts at addressing them began only with Einstein's discovery of general relativity a century ago. Advances over the past 25 years have led us to the fascinating conclusion that the Large Scale Structure of the universe can be traced back to Quantum Nothingness. Current investigations in quantum gravity are now addressing the issue of the origin of Space and Time itself, enabling us to peer past the Big Bang. This talk will provide an overview of this saga in terms that are accessible to undergraduates and the general public.